And that is how the war in Lebanon started … Posted on 30.11.2015 Nayla Hamadeh and Khadija Mawla

The idea of this
lesson emerged as a result of the numerous questions that our youth ask about
the civil war and its causes. How to answer them responsibly? How to tackle
this sensitive issue in class?  How can we make our students capable
of critical thinking when they approach sensitive issues? 

 In the absence
of a new History curriculum, we decided to focus in this lesson on the causes
that led to the war in Lebanon in 1975. We chose, among a selection of
educational strategies, one strategy that can be used when we teach the “Civil

This is a 45 minutes
lesson for Third Year Secondary students. 

 It is important
to note that:

ü  This lesson is part of a unit entitled “The Civil Was in Lebanon”.
It will be followed by other lessons.

ü  Students have been previously trained to use this educational

ü  Students have previously leaned how to assess a “source”( what is
the source? What can we learn from the information in the margins? Which prospects
does the historian/author open? What are the questions that this document leads
us to? What are its limitations?) 

We hope that by
sharing this lesson, we are opening a dialogue about possible methodologies
that we can use to teach the “civil war in Lebanon”
 as part of a modern history

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